Consultation Day 2 & Table Top Sale 14 January 2012 in Herne Community Hall
Parish Plan Update 2012
Design Consultation Friday 12 July 2013 from 1pm – 7pm in Herne Community Hall
Design Consultation Saturday 13 July 2013 from 10am – 1pm at Broomfield Church Hall
Design Consultation Thursday 20 September 2013 from 7.30pm – 9.30pm at Herne Mill
Precept increase consultation to service loan November 2015 – end February 2016

The Parish Appraisal questionnaire,to help guide the new parish council, was delivered to every household in 1997 and responses were analysed by local volunteers. The main thing that residents were concerned about was lack of facilities, especially for young people. The questionnaire also asked residents what they would like to do to celebrate the Millennium and the most popular support was for a Community Centre on the Cherry Orchard Playing Field (44%). After investigations, the site was considered inappropriate for highways reasons and the research began to find other sites. The next popular project was for a woodland park (20%). This has been realised with the Community Park & BMX track created on the former landfill site at Broomfield.

The Parish Plan questionnaire, was also delivered to every home in the parish. A FREEPOST address was provided to encourage responses. Much of the research, historic data and history that was gathered for the 1997 Appraisal was updated and included in the published Parish Plan in 2004.

Parish Plan update was undertaken in 2012: there were 330 responses to the questionnaire. Of the people who responded to the question about community halls, 86% wanted the hall to be upgraded or re-built. A few people said leave hall as it is and were concerned about neighbours and the cost.

Options appraisal Eventually, the old Catholic hall site in Herne came up for sale and to retain the community facility, the parish council purchased it in July 2011. Later that year, a questionnaire was then delivered to every household in Herne and Broomfield, asking whether they wanted to:
Do nothing
Refurbish or
Extend the existing hall or
Erect a new building.

Two public open days were held, one in Herne and one in Broomfield.
There were 302 responses, with 192 in favour of replacing the building.

An initial Business Plan & Feasibility Study was developed from appraisals, with the aid of Community Matters (The National Federation of Community Organisations). We had an encouraging first meeting with a senior planning officer to establish whether the site was appropriate for a new community centre building. We also had a meeting with a highways officer to discuss any access issues (2013).

Consultation for designs A design competition was organised with 3 consultation days for residents and local school children, to look at 5 designs and vote for the one they liked best. Through this competitive process the design by Matt Judge of Judge Architects Ltd was chosen. The construction company was to build the centre on a JCT Design & Build Contract.

The consultation days were advertised in Summer and Autumn newsletters which are delivered to every home in the parish, plus posters were displayed in (6) notice boards, press releases and PC website. 3 public consultation days were held, as well as one for the parish councillors. The contractors were all invited to attend the 3 public sessions.

Consultation days – 2013
4 July (councillors and hall committee) at Mill (1) : 9
12 July (1pm – 7pm) at Herne : 111
13 July (10am – 1pm) at Broomfield : 32
5 September (7.30pm – 9.30pm) at Mill (2) : 15
returned by post/hand: 22

The total number of people who took part was: 190
Males: 91 (47.9%) Females: 94  (49.5%) Not specified gender:  5   (2.6% )
Age groups – under 10 (4) 11-20 (34) 21-40 (12) 41-60 (43)  61+ (85)

Residents who participated lived in:
Herne: 125           Broomfield: 41         Elsewhere: 17    Unspecified: 2
School: 5 (these children didn’t know their post-code)  Void: 7

Only first and second choices were counted initially and as there was a clear winner, it was not necessary to count the others. 5 couples used one form between them. Both votes were counted as requested

Results were as follows:

1st Choice                                                       2nd Choice
A:   63                                                               A: 32
B:   30                                                               B: 32
C:   19                                                               C: 37
D:   30                                                               D: 25
E:   26                                                               E: 21
None: 15

7 were void: 1 person put 1 against A, B & C
4 people did not live in the parish and were not hall users
1 person did not fill in anything apart from – No hall
1 person did not fill in anything apart from 1 against E

Increase in precept to service a Public Works Loan
Our parish council originally chose to have a JCT Design and Build contract with the contractor prior to work commencing and employed a qualified person to act as the employer’s agent to ensure the parish council gets value for money, etc.

Due to their miscalculations, the original contractor was unable to proceed at the price quoted, so we had to re-tender. Four contractors submitted their tenders for the design chosen by the public.  The new tenders were far higher than the original budget and the proposed major funder had reduced its maximum grant and changed eligibility criteria.

In November 2015, to take the project forward, parish householders were asked if they would be willing to pay extra each year towards paying off a Public Works Loan, for the original design chosen by residents. Following a 70% YES vote from respondents, HBPC agreed, following advice from Quantity Surveyors (QS), Betteridge & Milsom, to put together a Bill of Quantities* to re-tender the contract.

The tenders were opened on 19th December 2016. There were 7 in total and prices ranged from £1,513,885 to ££1,738,962. These have been checked in detail by our QS to make sure they are all compliant and have all quoted on a like for like basis.

Post tender meetings were held with the two companies with the lowest tenders. Our QS and architect were also present.

Council members meet on 16 February 2017 to discuss tenders and choose contractor.

*The bill of quantities is a document prepared by a quantity surveyor that provides project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications in the tender documentation.

These consultations are now closed but we are always interested in your views.