Santa’s Sleigh Route and Times in Herne on 16th December 2017

Santa Sleigh Routes and Times

Herne  16th December 2017

Start 4.15pm Bullockstone Road, going south up hill

4.30 Stop 1 Canterbury Fields off A291

4.45pm Canterbury Road, Curtis Wood Park Road

5.10pm Stop 2 Junction Shepherdsgate Drive

5.20pm Stop 3 Top Curtis Wood Park Road

5.30 Albion Lane

5.40 Stop 4 Forgefields junction with Ridgeway Road

6pm Albion Lane to School Lane

6.15 Stop 5 School Lane Service road

6.30 Back onto School Lane, into Mill Lane & Mountview Road

6.45pm Pigeon Lane

7.00pm Stop 6 Hillcroft/ Ravensbourne junction

7.15 Mill Lane to Millview Road.

Santa will only stop at designated places shown in bold

All times are approximate.

Organised by our Parish Council